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Sandy Island school building to be restored by the NPS grant.
Photo Credit: Haley Yarborough

In February 2017, the National Park Service awarded the Sandy Island Cultural Initiative at Coastal Carolina University an African American Civil Rights Grant. This grant will fund historic documentation and preservation of the school house on Sandy Island. The grant will run through the Summer of 2019, and will result in a Historic Structures Report and preservation plan for the Sandy Island school, as well as a National Historic Registry listing for a number of structures in the Sandy Island community.

The Athenaeum Press is proud to be a part of the Sandy Island Cultural Initiative. Alongside our At Low Tide project, we look forward to continuing to tell the story of Sandy Island's unique legacy of self-governance, political activism and education. We look forward to collaborating on bringing more awareness and resources to the Sandy Island community. 

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  • Fall 2017: Open Meetings for Documentation and Historic Structures Report on Sandy Island School Building
  • After Historic Structures Report Approved: Draft Plans for Renovation of Sandy Island School Building
  • After Plan Review Process: Place CFP for Contractors to Begin Renovations

Other Initiatives

The Sandy Island Cultural Initiative is a collaboration among various departments at Coastal Carolina University. It aims to tell the stories of African American and Gullah Geechee heritage along the Grand Strand and northeast South Carolina. We are currently working on the following initiatives:

  • guiding students to identify, transcribe and organize the interviews conducted with Sandy Island community members;
  • collaborating with community members to conduct genealogical and archival research;
  • mapping the political activism (historic and current) of the African American communities along the Grand Strand.
  • drafting a historic registration application for the National Historic Registry.

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